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Welcome to A-wing and A-way, a site devoted to exploring the numerous connections between birds and human society. Found in all kinds of elements and locations, birds are ubiquitous. One could argue that they seem equally at home, too, in our psychological world, where they frequently exist as symbols and spiritual guides. Depictions of birds, in fact, actually predate civilization itself. And the history and range of our relationships with these creatures have been, and continue to be, quite extensive.

Birds mean many things to many cultures: food source and pest, messenger and pet, totem and muse. They’re common reminders of our own ties to nature. Most fly, of course, but many also swim. During a quick morning outing, you’re likely to see several flit from tree to tree, as their tweets and songs fill the air. Our winged neighbors, though, can also be found in art and literature, science and religion, mythology and folklore, industry and recreation, etc. As a result, birds figure as an excellent starting point for learning more about ourselves and the world.

Although I am not an ornithologist or sociologist by training—my interest in this subject is a hobby—I hope you find the posts informative. Citations are included for those interested in pursuing material with more detail, and original artwork is provided by J.M. Landin, my wife. She also has her own blog, RedNewtGallery, so please feel free to check it out as well.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

—M.R. Emberson


10 thoughts on “About A-wing and A-way

  1. Just discovered your blog and I am awed by your drawings and your wonderful narratives! I very much look forward to following and reading future posts as well as many of those in your archive.

    1. The pleasure’s mine! You have an amazing assortment of wetlands accounts accompanying beautiful photographs… egrets, herons, storks, ducks, etc. I’ll be visiting your blog often as well. Many thanks!!!

  2. I really do love the quality of the writing and the information you gave given here! Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods too! Will spend some nice time here. Also, wonderful art by your wife!

    1. Judy, the pleasure is mine! I really enjoy the beautiful photographs on your site. The black-and-white pic of the nesting egrets ranks among my favorites, but all of them are of such high quality. The ones of osprey, herons, and wood storks are wonderful, too. Thanks so much for visiting here. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  3. Fascinating site. My main interest is in the birds of Britain and their role in British folklore, particularly as psychopomps. I’m also interested in stories from further afield. This is a great resource 🙂

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