Happy Draw a Bird Day!

MREbird_for DABD

The demoiselle crane. Though it has a French name, this bird—the smallest of all the cranes—is native to northern Africa and parts of Eurasia, such as China and India.

This species, like other cranes, is celebrated in mythology and folklore. For example, Turkish folk songs fancy the bird a messenger of lovers (1). The creature’s graceful beauty seems ideally suited for such associations, even if my illustration fails to do it justice! By the way, demoiselle is French for “damsel.” This name was bestowed to it by one of the most famous queens in history. Marie Antoinette (2).

For illustrations of more feathered beauties, please check out Laura’s Create Art Every Day and Kerfe and Nina’s Method Two Madness. Laura started the monthly DAB Days, and Kerfe and Nina are doing the roundup of DAB Day illustrations from WordPress blogs. There will be links to a whole “flock” of drawings!


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  2. Mynott, J. Birdscapes: Birds in Our Imagination and Experience. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2009. p. 29.




22 thoughts on “Happy Draw a Bird Day!

    1. That thick tuft of feathers makes for an interesting “hair style”. Again, thanks for promoting DAB Day and, moreover, collecting all the links for the roundup!

  1. I have a couple of images I made of this bird. She …I think it was a she was in captivity at Safari West in Santa Rosa, CA. an amazing zoo for animals and birds not native to North America.
    You’re drawing is lovely! How you managed to get the shape right is beyond me just yet. I’ll keep struggling to get shape and perspective right, but man! How I wish it came easily!

    1. That watercolor of your house finch is beautiful! And so are all your photos. I agree that perspective and shape are difficult. Starting out with pencil helped me tremendously—I erased a lot!

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