Countdown to Draw A Bird Day


April 8th marks the annual celebration of Draw A Bird Day. It began in honor of a girl named Dorie Cooper. Not only did she love to illustrate birds, but she also encouraged others—many of them hospitalized veterans—to do so. More about her story and short life can be found on the official DAB Day website.

As noted previously, this holiday is a memorial to Dorie’s enthusiasm for our feathered neighbors and the therapeutic value of making art. Fortunately for us, lots of people of all ages and walks of life continue to demonstrate how much fun drawing songbirds, waterfowl, raptors, and the like can be.

Many of these incredible folks are online. One of them is Laura at Create Art Every Day. In just the past year alone she has inspired a cadre of artists, photographers, and poets on WordPress to participate in regular Draw A Bird Days on the 8th day of every month. Kerfe and Nina at Method Two Madness have also been very active on this front. Their recent roundup of monthly participants can be found here. Some of the birds featured in March were a wood stork, pine grosbeak, American robins, bald eagles, blue jays, chickadees, egrets, herons, owls, and parrots. Please check them out, and also look soon for the upcoming roundup!


I’m planning to contribute a drawing on the 8th, and my wife may post one for her blog, Red Newt Gallery. Since she also provides the artwork here, Draw A Bird Day occurs about every two weeks for her! Anyway, for this post we’re featuring an illustration from Kaeli, our neighbors’ talented nine-year-old daughter. You may remember her drawing from last year’s post about Draw A Bird Day. Many thanks to her again! Also, a special thanks to my mother-in-law for letting me post her recent painting of a grackle.

I’m looking forward to Draw A Bird Day. Hope you are, too!

19 thoughts on “Countdown to Draw A Bird Day

  1. Your grackle doesn’t look at all grumpy! What a treat. Kaeli’s drawing is deilghtful, too. I’ve never heard of this day, but it’s certainly a good idea. I can’t draw a lick, but I do have a wonderful great egret I’ll be featuring somewhere down the line, and a poem about a pair of grackles that lost their baby — not so delightful as my current post, but still a profound experience for me, and worth noting, too.

    Now, I’m off to explore some of the linked sites you offered. Many thanks!

    1. Thanks! My mother-in-law did a great job on the grackle. She really likes its iridescent feathers (and I do, too). Kaeli went all out… so many birds! You should draw the egret. I’m sure it will look good. Besides, Draw A Bird Day is about enjoying the process rather than the result. Just have fun! I look forward to the poem as well, even if it is on a sad topic.

  2. Looking forward to it! Thank you so much for the reminder and for posting the original DAB website – it is beautiful and sad story.

    1. Despite her short life, Dorie made quite an impact. I wish I knew more about her story, but it is definitely both beautiful as well as tragic. Marcy, I look forward to seeing what you come up next with for DABD.

  3. Thanks for the publicity! And nice to remind everyone where this day started. Love Kaeli’s beautiful banner too. Looking forward to your contributions! (K)

    1. Laura, what an amazing job you have done with the monthly DABDs!!! Your enthusiasm is so contagious. The illustrations you and the others do regularly have been fantastic. I am excited to just be a part of it this time.

      1. Thank you, M.R. I’m really glad you’re so excited and you get to see the fruits of your post bearing fruit! I am just trying to leave the office now and don’t think I’ll have a new bird posted for tomorrow, but hopefully sometime this weekend I’ll get a second one posted for the “official” DABD celebration. Better late than never, huh?

      2. Posting over the weekend should be fine! Every day is a good day for drawing birds, right? I’m still going to include a link to your blog again, if that’s Ok. You’ve done a lot of work promoting DAB Day! I do hope you get to catch up on some rest soon. Please take care.
        Best, Michael

    1. I have talented people all around me! And I wish I could take photographs and draw like you and so many others. I’m sure you’re going to post something amazing for DABD.

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