Wheel of Birds and Religions


Finally finished! The series of posts on the fine and feathered in religions is now complete. To celebrate, here’s the full-view mandala. Each panel represents one of the following:

To see any of the posts, please click on the hyperlinked text (not the image).

Many thanks to everyone who has been reading this summer. Also, I am especially grateful to my wife for the beautiful illustrations. More of her artwork and blog posts are available at Red Newt Gallery. Have a wonderful week!

25 thoughts on “Wheel of Birds and Religions

  1. I will add my voice to the chorus – it was a fantastic series, so informative, and what a great way to wrap it up! Thank you for putting this all together! I’m excited to see what you do next.

    1. Marcy, I really appreciate your kind words and reading all of those posts. They were rather long, so I’m hoping to work on a few shorter ones now. By the way, I love your illustration consisting of the Plath poem excerpt with the woodblock prints. Great work, as always!

  2. Almost looking like the Chinese Zodiac wheel…very colourful and intriguing! Looking forward to your next series of posts; have enjoyed this one. I’ve found some YouTube links for you: 1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0T_4MO_v0o and 2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4858bWD-DPU. The second one is of a baby magpie eventually keeping company with two lovey-dovey lorikeets, but you need to wait for it. Baby magpies are still learning how to warble. Magpies are also great mimics. Enjoy!

    1. Adorable! At times, that magpie does sound like R2D2. And the two lorikeets seemed to be big fans of the young magpie’s singing. Thanks for finding those videos–I really enjoyed them! I’m also enjoying your artwork as well!

      1. Those lorikeets are gorgeous!
        Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoying what you see, ’tis appreciated. I’m just having fun playin’ around with my phone!

      2. ‘illustrations’…oohh, thank you! Abstraction is an interest of mine, along with minimalism, but I do like ‘busy’ when it’s really interesting! Cheers!

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